Tips and Tricks for Farmers

Farming can be quite tricky. Sometimes there are many uncertainties especially in a day when we have observed a change in climate that has made farming unpredictable. This calls for appropriate planning and laying down strategies to guide through the surprises. This article aims at enlightening the reader on a few tricks and tips that will help him or her know how to prepare well before farming productively.


Here are some tips on how to go about farming:

Enhancing the Soil Health

One of the first things a farmer must ask him or herself is the question regarding improving the soil to reduce the need for the use of chemicals. This is done in a three-way approach including repopulation, protection, and stimulation of the silent workforce.


  • Protection involves reduction of tillage, minimizing the damage caused by chemical use, the use of detox agents and use of compost among others.


  • Re-population involves applying and brewing of inexpensive and specialist inoculums as well as the use of actual compost.


  • Stimulation needs the use of bio-stimulants which are proven including humates, sugar, and kelp among others.

Consideration of Organic Certification


The biological approach involves everything one should be doing to achieve high amounts of nutrients for his or her farm. On the other hand, it worth noting that organic produce usually gives a higher premium over the biological ones. One should consider organic certification in that it is the only one that offers ironclad certainty that the kind of food one is buying is chemical free.

Be Carbon Wise


Thinking about the effect of carbon on the soil and environment, one may want to ask themselves a question on how to minimize its release and more importantly, how to convert atmospheric carbon into soil carbon. The one most effective way of building carbon according to studies is rotational grazing which also plays a crucial role in the creation of humus.


Another effective way of carbon creation is the reintroduction of mycorrhizal fungi into the soil. These microorganisms play a vital role in the production of over a third of carbon that is stable in the entire planet. Modern agriculture strategies are the cause of their decline in the soil in the present day, and hence this should be discouraged.

Feed the Soil the Nutrients you need only when they are needed


The present day has seen numerous farmers understand the need for soil testing which helps to evade farming without knowledge of what the soil requires. Soil testing provides essential information for helping designing crop nutrition programs. More so, one will need to understand the figures so that he or she can make decisions that are productive. Use of any nutrient in excess may affect production by affecting uptake of other nutrients as well as creating an imbalance among other negatives.

Learn to Relax through the Tough Seasons


Farmers have more reason for stress as are people in other fields. To some point, theirs could even be more than others because they are usually dealing with such aspects as declining soil fertility, fickle commodity prices, greedy supermarkets, and climate extremities among others. Some farmers learn drying and other processes to store product. Check out dried mint leaves benefits and how much its selling in the market. 


However, with all these, it is crucial to farm with an open mind while adhering to every measure. This will ensure that will remain strong to pick up from where he or she was should expectations fail to materialize.